There's a place for art

Sleeping Alligator

Sleeping Alligator

Pencil on standard sketchbook paper.


Nothing New Under The Sun

Nothing New Under The Sun

Colored pencil on bristol board.

I wonder if even bunnies get tired of eating carrots.

Scenes From The Abbey Road Medley

Scenes From The Abbey Road Medley

Pencil on white copy paper.

Since it had been a while since I last featured Teal in anything, and I heard “Golden Slumbers” on radio a few days ago…

Scene 1: “Once there was a way, to get back home…”

Scene 2: Golden Slumbers

Scene 3: Carry That Weight

Desert Nap

Desert Nap

Pencil on white copy paper.

Done earlier in the week, when the hot weather sapped me of the desire to do anything but sleep.

Daily Doodle – Day Forty-Eight – Bear Nap

Bear Nap

Pencil on white copy paper.

Because a day of skiing following working until midnight would make anyone tired…