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Scenes From The Abbey Road Medley

Scenes From The Abbey Road Medley

Pencil on white copy paper.

Since it had been a while since I last featured Teal in anything, and I heard “Golden Slumbers” on radio a few days ago…

Scene 1: “Once there was a way, to get back home…”

Scene 2: Golden Slumbers

Scene 3: Carry That Weight

Daily Doodle – Day Sixty-Five – Mountaintop Candlelight

Mountaintop Candlelight

Pencil on white copy paper.

Daily Doodle – Day Fifty

Newly Hatched Duck

Canary yellow, black, cream, and light umber colored pencil on white copy paper.

Admittedly too much of a ripoff of my New Year’s Day drawing, but is that not the cutest newly hatched duck you have seen?

Daily Doodle – Day Thirteen

Hatching Alligator

Light umber, silver, grass green, limepeel, and black colored pencil on white copy paper.

Something being born to mark New Year’s Day.