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T. Rex with Boombox

T. Rex with Boombox

Based off a manual drawing I did a while back for an old Illustration Friday prompt, possibly “old” or “tape”, only to revisit now after dreaming about the National Museum of Natural History. The dinosaur is probably listening to a young upstart band called the Rolling Stones.

Cityscape in Perspective

Perspective 1

Pencil on white copy paper.

Since this week’s Illustration Friday theme was “urban”, here is an exercise in perspective I did way back when I was in high school.

(Please excuse the shadow–the lighting was very poor!)

You Can Lead A Horse To Water…

You Can Lead A Horse To Water...

Marker and rollerball pen on standard sketchbook paper.

With this week’s Illustration Friday topic being water, I thought I would make a new twist on the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

Gum Burst

Ordinarily I don’t do posts like these, but these have an interesting backstory.

Last week’s Illustration Friday topic, Burst (of course, it wasn’t last week’s *yet* when I started), seemed like a good one to try for myself, but I wasn’t initially sure how to go about it. Having been in the Badlands that Friday and having seen some around, my first thought was a grazing bison about to explode, a la Mr. Creosote in “The Meaning Of Life”. Unfortunately, the bison I ended up drawing did not look like it was about to burst. My next thought was a grazing cow (which I also saw a lot of) with an overly full udder, but I felt that wasn’t convincing enough of a burst either.

A few days later, it started to hit me the trip would soon end, and I brought a smiling toy moose into the hotel with me for cuteness. It then hit me to draw the moose making a bubble from gum.

Blowing Bubble

Pencil on white copy paper.

Since the full bubble still did not look enough like it was about to burst, I decided to draw the aftermath the next night.

Black and White Gum Burst

Pencil on white copy paper.

I felt this was too good an idea not to do in color on bigger paper.

Color Gum Burst

Colored pencil and rollerball pen on standard sketchbook paper.

Stuck Tongue

Light cerulean blue, canary yellow, and black colored pencil on white copy paper.

Inspired by this week’s Illustration Friday topic.