There's a place for art

Robert Plant

Robert Plant

Ballpoint pen on bristol board.

Done with ballpoint pen because I felt that would be the best way to depict his long blond hair (which is probably one of the first things anyone notices about him). I thought for sure it would take up the entire ink of at least one pen, and was surprised at how little ink it actually used.

Although I consider myself a classic rock fan, I have never been that big of a fan of Led Zeppelin. However, a few years ago I gained a new appreciation for them after encountering a book about them in the new arrivals section at the then-local library (if memory serves, they were performing very long songs at a time when the average length of a song played on the radio was about two minutes).

Piece of My (Anatomically Correct) Heart

Piece of My (Anatomically Correct) Heart

Tuscan red colored pencil on standard sketchbook paper.

A few days ago at work, “Piece Of My Heart” was stuck in my head a good portion of the day, and since I got to touch a beef heart in a biology lab last spring, this was the result.

Green Ringo

Green Ringo

Dark green colored pencil on standard sketchbook paper.

The quote is from “The No No Song”, and Ringo’s appearance is based on how he looks in this hilarious video:

Alice Cooper Title Spider

Alice Cooper Title Spider

Pencil on standard sketchbook paper.

While I am a fan of Alice, I primarily went with his better-known songs for this spider.

Beatles Title Guitar

Beatles Title Guitar

Pencil on moleskine paper.

Made by writing as many titles of Beatles songs as I could name.

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

Shadow drawing of Roger Taylor from the video for Queen’s “The Invisible Man.” True green colored pencil on white copy paper.

In this style of drawing, I focused on the shadows and other darker areas of Roger. “The Invisible Man” is one of my favorite Queen videos, so this was a fun one to do.

David Bowie duck

David Bowie duck

Rubber duck modeled after David Bowie in the 1970s. Red Bic marker and blue Pilot pen on white copy paper.

This was heavily inspired by the video for “Life on Mars?”.

Freddie Mercury bunny

Freddie Mercury Bunny

White bunny made to look like Freddie Mercury during the 1980s. Black Sharpie on white copy paper.

I love Queen, and I like bunnies, so this was all but an inevitability. The darker areas were filled in using pointillism. This is the first I’ve used pointillism since the fifth grade, and I was reminded why I didn’t enjoy it then.