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Almost Live Animal Friday – Rabbits

Almost Live Rabbits


Another two-for-one day today, as my best and clearest rabbit photo had these two fellows right next to each other.

Shopping Bunny

Shopping Bunny


This could potentially go nicely with a shopping list.

Hugging Bunnies


Hugging Bunnies

Marker and colored pencil on bristol board.

I thought this design could be very good for a sympathy card.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Nothing New Under The Sun

Colored pencil on bristol board.

I wonder if even bunnies get tired of eating carrots.

Animals in Aviator Glasses

Animals in Aviator Glasses

Pencil on white copy paper.

Peeking Over The Page

Peeking Over The Page

Black and blush pink colored pencil on white copy paper.

Originally, I wanted to do the picture completely in pink, but I was unsure about its visibility.

Jumping the Gun

Jumping the Gun

Apple green colored pencil on white copy paper.

Daily Doodle – Day Seventy-One – Dunking Bunny

Dunking Bunny

Pencil on white copy paper.

For Leap Day.

Freddie Mercury bunny

Freddie Mercury Bunny

White bunny made to look like Freddie Mercury during the 1980s. Black Sharpie on white copy paper.

I love Queen, and I like bunnies, so this was all but an inevitability. The darker areas were filled in using pointillism. This is the first I’ve used pointillism since the fifth grade, and I was reminded why I didn’t enjoy it then.