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Almost Live Animal Friday – Parrot

Almost Live Parrot


As yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, I felt like I had to do a parrot today. This fellow’s tail feathers were frustrating to get right–originally, I had a yellow feather among them, but it looked very strange among the black ones, to say nothing about the shapes of the feathers.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Prairie Dog

Almost Live Prairie Dog


As today is Friday the 13th, it seems natural for today’s post to be a black cat, but (a) I don’t have a personal photo of a black cat, and (b) I wanted to do a prairie dog last week before hearing about the frogs hiding in wind chimes. I believe this fellow was eating when I took its photo.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Frog

Almost Live Frog


I was inspired to do a frog this week after the recent news story about a man finding a family of tree frogs hiding in his wind chimes to escape Hurricane Dorian.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Goose

Almost Live Goose


That awkward moment between a cute fluffy gosling and a hissing, fully-grown goose. This particular goose was on a river bank, only separated from me by a fence, and was the closest I have come to a wild goose. Thankfully, this fellow had its head and neck down and didn’t notice me.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Eagle

Almost Live Eagle


Originally, the head outline was yellow, but that did not match well with the brown body outline.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Turtle

Almost Live Turtle


Unlike my previous two drawings in the series, I was very satisfied with my first attempt here, only making minor tweaks before declaring it ready to post. I believe the turtle was a midland painted turtle.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Deer

Almost Live Deer


Based on a photo I took at a park in Ohio a few years ago, where I came surprisingly close to the deer. This was my third attempt, with the first looking more like a fox with long legs than a deer.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Seal

Almost Live Seal



Meant to replicate the style of live caricature, though the photo I used was one I took of a seal at a zoo several years ago. It took multiple attempts before I drew something I was satisfied with, with the fin and (especially) the tail being difficult to get somewhat accurate.

Throwback Thursday – Seals Coming To Shore


Watercolor (most likely).

Something I found in a box in my parents’ house over Memorial Day weekend. Despite it having only been from about three years ago, I had literally no recollection of painting these cuties.

Sleeping Alligator

Sleeping Alligator

Pencil on standard sketchbook paper.