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Almost Live Animal Friday – Cardinal

Almost Live Cardinal


More of a caricature than usual, as this fellow’s head was a bit bigger in real life.


Almost Live Animal Friday – Goose

Almost Live Goose


That awkward moment between a cute fluffy gosling and a hissing, fully-grown goose. This particular goose was on a river bank, only separated from me by a fence, and was the closest I have come to a wild goose. Thankfully, this fellow had its head and neck down and didn’t notice me.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Eagle

Almost Live Eagle


Originally, the head outline was yellow, but that did not match well with the brown body outline.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Turtle

Almost Live Turtle


Unlike my previous two drawings in the series, I was very satisfied with my first attempt here, only making minor tweaks before declaring it ready to post. I believe the turtle was a midland painted turtle.

Almost Live Animal Friday – Deer

Almost Live Deer


Based on a photo I took at a park in Ohio a few years ago, where I came surprisingly close to the deer. This was my third attempt, with the first looking more like a fox with long legs than a deer.

T. Rex with Boombox

T. Rex with Boombox

Based off a manual drawing I did a while back for an old Illustration Friday prompt, possibly “old” or “tape”, only to revisit now after dreaming about the National Museum of Natural History. The dinosaur is probably listening to a young upstart band called the Rolling Stones.