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Penguin In Cowboy Hat

Penguin in Cowboy Hat

Colored pencil on bristol board.

Bonus post this week–I thought the penguin chick in an oversized cowboy hat, first seen in 49ers vs. Texans, had potential as a standalone design, possibly for a “so you’re feeling overwhelmed?” card.

Animals in Aviator Glasses

Animals in Aviator Glasses

Pencil on white copy paper.

Fish Fry

Fish Fry

Marker on standard sketchbook paper.

Originally I planned to name it “Saturday Night Fish Fry” (after the Louis Jordan song), but I wasn’t sure how to accurately express night, so I made it so it could double as a Sunday morning fish fry.

Film Baseball Uniform

Film Baseball Uniform

Yellowed orange and burnt ochre colored pencil on white copy paper.

In his book

    Ball Four

, one of many players Jim Bouton wrote about was a much-hyped former New York Yankees prospect whom the franchise really wanted to succeed, and only demoted once they could not find a place he could hit (and they tried multiple places). I think everyone, in all walks of life, has something they really want to be successful and will pull out as many stops as possible in an attempt to make it a success.